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by Brad Smith


Students who have inadvertently received loans in excess of limits may have lost their Title IV loan eligibility, but it is possible to get the loans reaffirmed. There is a process for doing so by having the student repay the excess loan funds or agreeing to repay under the terms of the current Master Promissory Note through the process of “reaffirmation.” Schools can help students with their reaffirmations on NSLDS following several simple steps. 

Identifying the Need for Reaffirmation

Reaffirmation on NSLDS requires verification that the aid recipient has not already reaffirmed the debt. To do this, you can go into the platform and click on “Search Aid Recipient.” Search by Social Security Number, first name, date of birth, or through the “Previously Searched Aid Recipient” tab.

After this, you can access each student’s reaffirmation history on the Reaffirmation page. You can also find reaffirmation on the loan summary page, which will show a blue loan note that states “Reaffirmation” along the bottom of the screen.

Ready to Move Forward With Reaffirmation?

For any loan servicers or financial aid directors who need to assist with reaffirmation, the next step is to add a reaffirmation on the loan detail page. By clicking on “View Loan Details,” you can review the loan before clicking on “Review Reaffirmation.” The “Add Reaffirmation” button will be available if a particular loan is eligible.

It’s also possible to add reaffirmations from the Reaffirmation History page. If you select a loan from the provided list, it will come with repopulated fields with loan identifiers. You will need to fill in a minimum of one of the “Exceeded Amount” fields to complete the reaffirmation.

Financial Aid Processing can be complicated, but ECM can help

Whether it is the process of Reaffirmation or other financial aid tasks, there is a lot to remember when working with Title IV aid. ECM offers helpful services such as full student lifecycle packaging, document review, verification, and cash management, so you can ensure your students have what they need to pursue their educational objectives. Let us help uncomplicate the federal financial aid process and let you do what you do best, connecting with your students.


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