On a day-to-day basis, Financial Aid Processing is the heartbeat of a successful Financial Aid Office. It’s also the main point of contact between our company and your school. Funding your students, in a timeframe that best suits your school, is a function of Financial Aid Processing. Our set of services is critical to securing and efficiently disbursing Title IV Financial Aid Funds, including Pell Grants, Student Loans and Campus-Based funds in accordance with Department of Education regulations. Our synchronized Financial Aid Processing System is the bridge between your school and the Department of Education.

Established and administered with unending dedication to service and support, ECM’s Financial Aid Processing services include:

  1. Analysis of your academic programs to maximize financial aid eligibility
  2. Development and review of Cost of Attendance budgets
  3. Real-Time student aid packaging
  4. On-demand processing to meet your school’s cash flow needs

The “ECM / School Interface” Saves Time, Ensures Accuracy

Keeping pace with the demands of Financial Aid Processing – and supporting management objectives – requires a system that reduces manual input, enhances accuracy, and ensures that funding is delivered as scheduled. The “ECM / School Interface” – included in your school’s service – meets these criteria for financial aid excellence. Working in concert with our “Financial Education Disbursement Data” System (FEDD), the “ECM / School Interface” securely integrates with your school’s data, helping you package students and manage disbursements throughout the student financial aid lifecycle.

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