On a day-to-day basis, Financial Aid Processing is the heartbeat of a successful Financial Aid Office. It’s also the main point of contact between our company and your school. Funding your students, in a timeframe that best suits your school, is a function of Financial Aid Processing. Our set of services is critical to securing and efficiently disbursing Title IV Financial Aid Funds, including Pell Grants, Student Loans and Campus-Based funds in accordance with Department of Education regulations. Our synchronized Financial Aid Processing System is the bridge between your school and the Department of Education.

Established and administered with unending dedication to service and support, ECM’s Financial Aid Processing services include:

  1. Analysis of your academic programs to maximize financial aid eligibility
  2. Development and review of Cost of Attendance budgets
  3. Real-Time student aid packaging
  4. On-demand processing to meet your school’s cash flow needs
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Compliance is THE critical component of your financial aid office’s successful, trouble-free operation. Compliance is not an option; it’s essential. Failure to comply due to systemic errors could result in enormous institutional liabilities. Considering that your school may be assessed for each student file violation, having ECM by your side can save you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in disallowed disbursements. ECM recognizes the significance of these events. That’s why we support your office proactively with a Vice President of Compliance and Training, Senior Level Compliance Consultants and a dedicated Compliance Help Desk.

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Preparing for the Long Run. Through Financial Aid Training, we transfer our knowledge to your staff on an ongoing basis. With this knowledge, you can focus on packaging new students and servicing current ones, while ensuring compliance in the process.

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The process of securing financial aid, staying current with new laws and federal regulations and providing timely disbursements to students is why institutions rely on ECM. We’re an experienced and respected Third-Party Servicer of Title IV Financial Aid Funds, including Pell Grants, Student Loans and Campus-Based programs for post-secondary schools and colleges nationwide.

Key to our shared success is an initial comprehensive discovery process. We take time to understand not only your goals and objectives, but also the fabric and values of your institution. And the conversation never stops.

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For new clients who seek Title IV eligibility, the first step is obtaining approval from a national accrediting agency. It certainly makes sense to rely on a single company to guide you throughout the daunting lifecycle of accreditation and federal funding. ECM is your one-stop-shop for Federal Title IV Eligibility, Financial Aid Processing, Financial Aid Compliance, as well as ongoing Training. After all, the more we know about your institution’s goals and objectives, the more effective we can be as your value-added processing and consulting company.

With an extremely high success rate, ECM is uniquely qualified to navigate your school or college through the complete accreditation process.

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