• Published On: January 2nd, 20230 Comments

     Given the broad arms of financial aid regulations, the need for a sufficiently sized, well-trained financial aid office staff […]

  • Published On: October 20th, 20220 Comments

     Ensure your Financial Aid Office is up to date with the latest in consumer information and policy regulations. View […]

  • Published On: October 20th, 20220 Comments

     Exclusive panel discussion with Amanda McCaughan, Director of Financial Aid, Concordia University – St. Paul, Rita Franco, Financial Aid […]

  • Published On: May 10th, 20220 Comments

    In this one hour webinar, Financial Aid and Enrollment Management Department Professionals will get an overview of how they are […]

  • Published On: March 15th, 20220 Comments

    Learn from the industry experts on how are they are following guidelines to Professional Judgement and making Financial Aid easier.

  • Published On: April 21st, 20210 Comments

    Exclusive panel discussion to throw a spotlight on #Covid and #2yearinstitutions, thriving in pandemic. Event will be MC’d by Pamela […]