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Best Practices on Consumer Information, Policies and Procedures

Best Practices on Consumer Information, Policies and Procedures

Categories: Webinar

by Brad Smith


Ensure your Financial Aid Office is up to date with the latest in consumer information and policy regulations. View the Exclusive Panel Discussion to learn more about:
– Consumer Information
– How to disseminate required information
– Keeping your website compliant
– Best practice for maintaining a policy and procedure manual
– Cross department involvement

In this one-hour Webinar; Deana Coady, Vice President, Federal Policy and Reporting, University of Phoenix, Jeremy Burciaga, Vice President, Academic Dean, Southwest University at El Paso, Kimberly Warren, Title IV Regulatory Specialist, Educational Compliance Management Inc., Bridget McGuire, VP of Operations, FA Solutions LLC and Rachel Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, Educational Compliance Management Inc.; will throw light on financial aid trends and strategies for monitoring compliance.


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